Sunday, June 25, 2006

Love and the X Factor: BB4

For some reason, the producers thought they needed an overall Theme Twist to keep the show interesting. They first tried this in 2003 with the X-factor, a repulsive gimmick that brought ex-lovers into the house with the unsuspecting hamsters. Five of the eight original houseguests were shocked and repulsed; one was so disturbed he was hauled off the set by security.

Then the hookups began. Call it the ProXimity Factor. You almost need a scorecard to figure out who was on what team and who exactly scored.

Alison's ex-boyfriend Justin hung with two other exes to form the Three Stooges, but he also formed an under-the-sheets alliance with Dana. The romance continued into the sequester house, but not too much longer.
Scott's ex, Amanda, drove him crazy, and he found himself expelled from the Big Brother house. Amanda went on to participate in the first ever in-house sex on BB USA with Ranger Dave. Unfortunately, she also witnessed the first major in-bed puking of a houseguest. The doing of the nasty--and the nastier aftermath--was hidded behind the infamous Front Of The House, but the foreplay and insertion were streamed live. Amanda was evicted the next day. Dave's ex, Michele, had already been evicted, and no doubt watched in horror with her parents from the comfort of home.

I may not have excelled in my chemistry courses, but I know that youth+hormones+proximity puts the X-factor in sex.


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