Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Love and The New House: BB1

It was a new game at the dawn of a new era in television. Endemol's Big Brother franchise came to the USA with hopes of success following the European model. The producers were also hoping for hook-ups among the spirited youngsters. Viewers were treated to flirtation between two nice kids, and the two edgy characters of the season.

Love almost bloomed between Josh, the happy-go-lucky kid, and Brittany, the 20-something virgin with the colorful hair. Brit's constant visual cries for attention belied her inability to form intimate relationships, with the exeption of the one houseguest less mentally stable than herself. America watched as Britney and Josh got closer and closer, only to pull back at the critical moment.

Will "Mega" was the outspoken inner city youth counselor from Philadelphia. Jordan was the stripper from Minnesota. As the two outcasts, they formed a strong friendship with an element of flirtation. Mega was later criticized by his mentor, Khalid Muhmmad, for his dalliance with the bad-news blonde.

As it turned out, we were treated to a Trinitron dance, a one-legged loudmouth, a lip-glossed future TV reporter...but no love in the new house.


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