Thursday, June 22, 2006

Love and The Monkey House: BB3

After Nicole's meltdown, the producers shielded the hamsters from banner planes--a tactic that worked until BB6. They also introduced the "scandalous" Power of Veto v1.0.

The third season of Big Brother saw the casting settle into a familiar pattern: shallow 20-something hardbodies with a couple of token oldsters. They conveniently combined the old guy and the fat guy into Gerry, who took a lot of heat for ogling, inappropriate comments, and other heinous things that a middle-aged guy trying to fit in with the kids might do. They also combined the black guy and the gay guy into one memorable houseguest who has never gone away.

It's hard to understand the mutual grooming activities of this group of hamsters. It might have been the heat, the confinement, the tedium, or a reversion to an archetypical primate memory. Whatever the root cause, several of the houseguests spent their days popping each other's zits, pulling hairs, and who knows what else.

Roddy, the "intellectual" and would-be "debil" of the cast, paired off with skanky Chiara in a reality-TV version of My Fair Lady. The interest quickly faded once the proximity effect wore off.

Lisa, the original stunning brunette, paired up with rough-and-ready Eric, whose most amusing moments came when he was asleep. His immortal romantic line, "hi," has been sweeping young ladies off their feet for ... oh, about two months. Once separated, Lisa quickly remembered that she was in a game, and voted to bring drama queen Amy back into the house instead of her squeeze. That move won her the grand prize. Hopefully the money lasted her longer than her relationship with Eric, which fizzled soon after interest in BB3 did.


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