Sunday, June 25, 2006

Love and the Gold Room: BB6

The producers tried one more time with the super-secret Theme Twist, this time setting up a whole "Summer of Secrets." The concept fizzled out quickly as first internet feedsters and chatters, and then the hamsters themselves figured out that everybody was playing with a secret partner.

Among the partners were James and Sarah; the Young Republican Dittohead and the sweet poster child for He's Just Not That Into You. James turned out to be the all-time Veto King of Big Brother. His treatment of and comments about Sarah left some chatters wondering if she shouldn't take the next bus home.

The breakout star of the show, buxom blonde bombshell Janelle, was bitten by the proximity bug this season, and paired up with "dreamy" Michael. Their relationship didn't last long in the house, and after doing the rabbit thing after the show wrapped, they went their separate ways. Chatters hoped for a pairing with classy Kaysar, but the chemistry never happened.

Goofy Howie was a walking manual of how not to get the girl. A genuinely nice guy, he somehow lacks the finesse, tact, and filter on his mouth to engage a woman in serious conversation. Despite all the talk of boobies and the shenanigans with the jack shack, Howie remains one of the stars of the season. His late night conversations with Kaysar, the Jedi light sabre fights with Janelle, and his insane rants on Busto are highlights of the entire six seasons of Big Brother.


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