Thursday, June 22, 2006

Love and the Evil Doctor: BB2

Following a dull first season, the Endemol franchise was handed to Arnold Shapiro, with more attempts at provocations and twists.

Romance blossomed for real, the second season. Will Kirby, the Evil Doctor, master of deception, and BB All-Star, settled in with Shannon, the feisty realtor/riverboat captain, and future red-haired Playboy model. While the television show's coverage of their romance was fairly tame, internet feed watchers report that "Lewinskis were traded nightly." TV viewers were treated to a few seconds of heavy breathing in a darkened room. Was it real, or was it proximity? It was real enough for hot-headed Shannon to scrub the toilet with HOH Hardy's toothbrush when he nominated her honey. It was also real enough for her to forget about her body-building boyfriend at home.

Internet feedsters still talk about an alleged hot-tub footjob in that the Evil Doctor received from high-strung Nicole, but video clips of the incident are difficult--if not impossible--to find. CBS began their coverage with a banner plane accusing Nicole of cheating on hubby in the hot tub, causing the first of many meltdowns.

Down-home Louisiana girl Krista found love not once, but twice. With her choices, she might have been better off alone. Her first flirtation was with broken-toothed sociopath Justin Sebik. Their dalliance ended abruptly when he held a knife to her throat and became the first BB hamster to be frogmarched from the diary room. Krista tearfully wrote a goodbye note to Justin in nail polish, but got over her heartbreak fairly soon. Once an ambulance-chasing attorney convinced here there was litigation money to be made from CBS, her achy breaky heart was all better.

Justin was not her only flame in the house. Party boy, untalented rapper, and walking advertisement for his business investments Mike Booger was so smitten with Krista he proposed to her on the finale. Real, proximity, or hype? Only his accountant knows for sure.


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